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petri dish PLASMAtech supplies surface treatment services and equipment based on low pressure microwave plasma and parylene coating technology. We specialize in the most challenging PECVD coating and surface treatment applications and if one of our proprietary processes doesn't meet your needs, we'll work with you to tailor a solution to specifically address your requirements. We offer a full line of plasma and parylene equipment as well as contract services and process R&D in our GMP-compliant facility.

An environmentally-friendly technology, low pressure plasma is extremely versatile. Utilizing either non-polymerizable or polymerizable gases, surface challenges that can be addressed include adhesion, bondability, wettability, surface cleanliness and part tackiness. Materials that can be treated include polymers, metals, ceramics, glass and fabrics. Compared to other surface modification techniques, low pressure microwave plasma has distinct advantages. Since it is a dry process utilizing bottled gases, there are no disposal or employee safety issues associated with many wet chemical or toxic conversion processes. Treatment occurs under vacuum in a precisely controlled environment, so variable results that can occur with atmospheric treatments such as corona or so-called air plasma are not an issue. Finally, with lower operating temperatures and less physical bombardment effect than conventional RF technology, materials like balloon catheters or sensitive electronic components can be treated with virtually no yield loss.

There are three basic types of processes:

  • Ultra-pure cleaning to remove organic contamination
  • Modification, functionalizing or cross linking an existing surface
  • Creation of a new surface via thin film deposition (PECVD) or parylene coating

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Just a few of the many uses for gas plasma surface engineering and parylene coating are included on our site, so if you don't see your specific requirement addressed, please contact us. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your application, provide additional information or arrange for a free sample processing trial.

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