Parylene Equipment

Plasma Parylene lab coater Whether you need only limited in-house coating capacity for R&D purposes - or require high volume coating for production processing, we can supply a parylene system to match your needs.

The LabCoater Parylene Coating Series is designed for R&D and low volume production. Chamber sizes range from 15 to 50 liters. For higher volume requirements, the Series 3000 systems are designed for high throughput coating with chamber, pump and all components housed within the system cabinetry.

PLC touch screen control, paperless process parameter and trend reporting, automated pressure and temperature monitoring, auto/manual operation selection and error monitoring are just some of the advanced features that ensure consistent coating - but we don't stop there.

To further guarantee 100% conformal coatings of the highest purity possible, we supply quality 99% pure C, N and D dimers for all parylene applications. Contact us to learn more about the many equipment options available.

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