Parylene Applications

cor photo Parylene conformal coatings are biocompatible, FDA approved and widely used to achieve surface characteristics such as lubricity, moisture or chemical barrier, conductivity or dielectric properties. Like PECVD technology, the process is done under vacuum with the parylene (dimer) deposited in a vapor phase resulting in a conformal, pin-hole free surface. Unlike plasma polymerized coatings which are typically under a micron, parylene coating thickness can range from under a micron to over 50 microns (2 mil).

Three basic types of parylene dimers are used - C, N and D - each with specific electrical, mechanical, thermal, and barrier properties. Some of the many uses of parylene conformal coatings include:

  • Barrier coatings on PC boards
  • Increasing lubricity of stent and guidewire forming mandrels
  • Dielectric coatings on cardiac implantable components

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Parylene Board
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