Surface Modification

well plates Plasma processes can be used to cross-link or functionalize polymer surfaces. By utilizing appropriate gas chemistry, specifically tailored surface characteristics can be achieved. Materials that are hydrophobic (non-wetting) such as PP, PS, HDPE or PC can cause issues with bonding, printing, painting or over-molding. Plasma treatment can dramatically increase surface receptivity and eliminate the need for adhesion promoters or other pretreatments. Additionally, since processing is done at low temperatures, even very heat sensitive materials can be treated. Applications include: PP Flask

  • Treatment of balloon catheter components prior to coating or bonding
  • Modification/functionalization of culture components for cell attachment
  • Treatment/cleaning of opthalmic lenses prior to coating
  • Hydrophobic/non-wetting treatment of pipette tips
  • Bubble-release surfaces for fluid dispensing components
  • Treatment of webs and films to increase porosity

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